New Feature: Servelet Templates for cPanel and Plesk

Good news for web-hosters! 🙂 We have released servelet templates for cPanel and Plesk. You can find them on the list of templates for plan M and above. With these templates, you will not need to install cPanel or Plesk manually yourselves. You can just select the templates (either CentOS+cPanel or Ubuntu+Plesk) and the control panel applications will be pre-installed for you, upon the provisioning of your servelets. You will just have to do the initial configuration, by accessing to the web interface of the control panels, for you to start using them, almost immediately! The templates are provided for free, for the convenience of all our customers. Take note that the templates come without licenses.

On top of that, you can also buy cPanel licenses from us. The price starts from $15.95 for cPanel/WHM VPS Optimized License, which is the most suitable license for your servelets. You will just need to provide the IP address and hostname of your cPanel servelet, and the license will be active immediately after you made your payment. It’s just that simple! 🙂

We are also currently in the midst of talking to Parallels for us to start providing Plesk licenses for you, for the convenience of all our customers.

More information about how to install cPanel and Plesk on our servelets, and also on how to purchase cPanel license through our customer portal, can be found in our knowledge base.