About SimplerCloud

SimplerCloud is a new cloud service provider with solutions built from the ground up to provide truly real-time, scalable and easily managed cloud infrastructure for start-ups and business throughout Asia. The SimplerCloud interface allows customers to build, order and manage their Servelets quicker and easier, through a faster and simpler panel than many in today’s market.  SimpleCloud Virtual Machines, or Servelets, are much faster than ordinary dedicated servers. SimplerCloud also provides SSD servers for much faster performance.

We believe that the true advantages of the cloud to businesses should be its scalability, speed and advanced manageability.  We bring full automation and true real-time provisioning to our hosting customers so they can truly build and expand their business and have real peace of mind when it comes to their infrastructure.

SimplerCloud is the brainchild of web hosting veterans with 15 years each of professional technical experience in the hosting industry.

More information on SimplerCloud can be found on our website.


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