New Service: Managed Firewall Service


In response to a number of requests, we have launched a new managed host-based firewall service.  This service is immediately available and can be ordered from your SimplerCloud customer panel.

Our Managed Firewall (Host-Based) is a managed service provided by us to manage the host-based firewall service on your servelets, namely iptables for Linux and Windows Firewall for Windows.

As a general introduction, firewalls use rules to define the kind of traffic to be allowed to and from your servers. An example of a commonly set firewall rule is one that allows traffic to port 80 and 443 on the web server, blocking all other ports in order to help protect the server operating system from unauthorized access. There is a wide variety of other types of rule options that can be configured.

The managed firewall service we provide is suitable for customers who install custom applications that require certain port configurations, who are not familiar with IP tables or firewall configuration management and would like that extra assurance of security, or who would just like to outsource the management and configuration of these services to a third party.

This is not to be mistaken for a security consultancy service, although some cheerful assistance will always be provided if you have custom security policy questions.  What does the service come with?

  • Management of firewall rules/security policies for the host-based firewall service
  • Up to 20 firewall rules/security policy changes per month

For more, please refer to our web page